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Welcome to My website

Thanks for dropping by my little place on the web!

That's Bandit, my little furry Ferret I'm holding.

 I've had him for about 3 yrs.

I started building my web site in 1997.

 It was just something I wanted to learn how to do.

I found out I loved working on the computer. 

I made a living at being a computer Tech for Anderson Computers for over 8 years. Then I became disabled, because of Sugar diabetes, and for taking that first puff of a cigarette.

Now I have to be on oxygen 24 hours a day.

 I've been trying to quit smoking for the past few months.

 I've almost got it beat!! It took me a year to want to quit smoking

with the help of Chantix!

I've Been Smoke Free Since January 2014!!

MY RECIPE BOX- click on the Box

 This is where I will post all the recipe's that

I got from Mom and the rest of my family and friends.

I've got to add some more to the list. Click to see what I am Selling today!

This is what I try to do now is sell things on E-bay. I had to try to earn some extra money to make up for what I lost when I had to quit working.



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